Water purification/optimization

Water availability is increasingly becoming a problem across the globe. Water scarcity currently affects every continent. Over 1 billion people of the world’s population, live in areas of physical scarcity.10 Fresh water will become the next highly valued commodity if we continue down this disastrous path. Whether we acknowledge it or not, many wars are attributed to natural resources and commodities. Water is essential and if limited it will create enormous tension. In developing countries, nearly 80% of illnesses are related to poor water and sanitation conditions. Access to clean water improves many aspects of life. These aspects include education, hunger, health and poverty.11 Purification systems such as ultraviolet disinfection, desalination systems such as reverse osmosis and reuse systems and plenty more solutions are currently being practiced and studied across the globe.

There are two main types of water reuse systems. Nonpotable reuse and potable reuse. Nonpotable reuse systems can be factored into new developments or retrofitted into present developments, like industrial uses, agriculture and landscape irrigation. Potable reuse systems can also be factored in the same fashion for water consumption and other purposes. Just by implementing use-reuse efficiency systems in the federal sector alone it is estimated that the federal government could save as much as $240 million per year. The creator of the 5 Hour-Energy drink, Manoj Bhargava started a organization called Billions in Change and it is working on a machine called Rain Maker. It mimics nature, converting seawater or polluted water into fresh water suitable for drinking and agriculture.12 Given the existing availability of freshwater combined with a simple, intelligent new design of use-reuse water structures, coupled with both large and small scale water purification processes we have the capacity to make potable water available for global abundance.

Water Scarcity

Reuse system in California

Greywater Reuse

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis