Utilities/energy production

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Many of the environmental problems the world faces today result from our dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear production. The problems include climate change, air pollution, oil spills, acid rain and radioactive contamination. There are much better methods of harnessing cleaner, cheaper, and less-risky energy. Renewable energy sources represented about 33% of U.S energy consumption in 2015.13 Comparatively, countries like Costa Rica, Denmark, Uruguay, Scotland and many more consumed well over 40% and some nearly 80-90% energy from renewable sources.14 This year, reports show that Chile is producing so much solar energy, it has a massive surplus.15 It has been reported that they gave away solar energy for 113 days this past year. With that being said, here is a list of sustainably renewable energy sources that can and should wipe out fossil fuel as the main energy source.

  • Solar energy (concentrated solar power CPS, solar thermal energy STE)
  • Hydropower (wave, tidal, ocean current, ocean thermal and osmotic energy)
  • Wind
  • Biofuels (ethanol/biodiesel)
  • Geothermal energy

Of all the harnessable energies, geothermal is the most abundant. Through geothermal energy alone we can have enough energy to power the world for 4000 years.16 The Billions in Change organization is working on harnessing geothermal energy “Using cables made from graphene, a form of pure carbon 100 times stronger that steel, that geothermal heat can be conducted to the surface of the Earth to run turbines and generate electricity without burning anything.17 Aside from renewable energy sources, an intelligent way to improve energy efficiency is to incorporate what is called passive house architecture to new devolvement’s. Passive house is a building method created in Germany that requires little energy for space heating or cooling, decreasing the amount of energy consumption. Today we can have an abundance of energy without the adverse affects of pollution.

Renewable energy sources