Resource Based Economy

Many times confused with a utopian approach, a resource based economy is a practical economic approach of the 21st century. Capitalism was a practical approach in the 17th century, it’s obviously outdated. Jacque Fresco founder of the Venus Project coins the term RBE. In an RBE all goods and services are available to all people. RBE is unlike any economic system we’ve seen implemented. “For this to be achieved all resources must be declared as the common heritage of all Earth’s inhabitants.”

RBE takes a scientific approach to the governance of an economy. Algorithmic methods, natural law and comprehensive surveys will replace the current futile government. In this system science and technology will be used beyond its restrictive reserves. With technology having no boundaries we can have electrical sensors imbedded into machines and the environment. ” Computerized systems would manage and control agriculture by monitoring the water table, insects, pests, plant diseases, soil nutrients, and so forth. The information processed will enable us to arrive at more appropriate decision-making based on feedback from the environment. Majority of our current issues are technical but we continue to seek solutions through political means. An RBE focuses on three main factors namely the environment, technology and humanity. These are factors that continue to be compromised for profit.

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