There is something that’s imperative for us to understand before we submerge in Copiosis economics, that is that today as I mentioned before, we have the technological advancement and capability for ALL human beings to live at the highest standard. In our day and age it is important to find ways for things to work beneficially for us all. Copiosis founder Perry Gruber created a moneyless economic system that is simple in its method of transforming our current economic system. What is most attractive about Copiosis is its transition plan works without focusing blame on anything or anyone. It opposes no one, it doesn’t fight against anything, it does not redistribute other people’s wealth, and it doesn’t try to pin blame on any single group of people. This system eliminates all debt. Creditors are compensated in full for the value of that debt in what is called Net Benefit Reward (NBR). Making a transition smooth and seamless because the gains out weigh the losses. Before I explain NBR it’s fitting to note in a Copiosis system every human receives food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare at no cost thus ending social strife and psychological stressors which produce desperate, irrational people leading to an unstable society.

An NBR is not determined by any person or government but through algorithmic calculations that account for many factors. A few examples of these factors that can influence an NBR may include the effect that consumption has on society, the effect that consumption has on humanity, the effect that consumption has on the environment/ecosystem. NBR is a meritorious service recognition that is rewarded after the fact. An NBR provides access to luxury goods and services, it’s non transferable and it goes out of existence when used. Clarification, Copiosis is not socialism. It retains the incentives at the crux of capitalism, the idea that if you work hard, you will be rewarded with nice things.

4 thoughts on “Copiosis

    1. Thanks for the comment Tevin. I wish I can throw confetti because you are my 1st comment on my page! Moving forward, this website is about planting a seed of possibility for social reform. Leaving the door of possibility open to show social change was possible yesterday and continuing to become more possible day after day. Tevin the objective of my page is to 1st bring all types of people together to work together for the greater good. 2nd to open up the possible channels of social reform. I will look into the New World Agreement and possibly speak about it on my page. Last note, I’m not looking to push one solution to social reform. I’m looking to push solutions to bring us closer to a Natural Law Resource Based Economy. How ever society chooses to transition to it is up to us, collectively. As long as we are progressing toward that objective. Cheers, keep up the fight!


    1. @Farstar, thank you for the kind words. I also want to thank you for taking the time to visit the page. It’s people like yourself that rejuvenates my hope in humanity. This is not my page or my movement, it’s ours. Together we share it. I am glad I have your attention, I want you to know you have mine as well. Cheers, continue to plant the seed.


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