Faces of Change: Pledge



Woody Allen is often credited for stating, “80% percent of success is showing up.” Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Allen could not be anymore right. Half of the importance of life is showing up; whether it’s physically, verbally, or mentally. However you choose to show up is based on your comfort level. We can not patiently wait for change, we must demand it by changing the narrative, by protesting, by civil disobedience, and other forms of activism to demand change. Until real reform becomes our priority we will remain a product of this system. Power will never concede, until it’s demanded to. So take this Faces of Change pledge with me today in saying, I will pledge to show up in life for social reform and positive change for the betterment of humanity. Through the Faces of Change pledge you prove that although we are different and may associate with different things many of us want the same thing, social reform and positive change.

Taking the Faces of Change pledge proves that although we look different, have different names, ethnicities, religious and political associations we are more similar then it’s projected. This pledge shows our similarities on a societal level and shows you, as a member of society pledged to “show up,” in whatever form comfortable to positive societal change. Please fill out the questionnaire below and Include an image (optional) of yourself by uploading your picture to my dropbox account at https://www.dropbox.com/request/mfH7fkaWkCL2t37y8jQU after your submission is received I will post your pledge. Please share and get your friends and family to take the Faces of Change pledge. Thank you! Republication Policy 

Upload a picture of yourself with the subject Faces of Change picture at https://www.dropbox.com/request/mfH7fkaWkCL2t37y8jQU

Faces of Change 

Pledge 1

“My Fellow citizens regardless of your ethnic, religious and political background, I am yearning to hold your hands in unity. Please join me, so we can bring social reform.”

Name: Pablo Zambrano

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Religious background: Agnostic

Political background: Green Party

Ivette  Z - image
Pledge 2

“This world doesn’t need a savior, it needs a change of heart. The smallest change, can make the biggest difference. I’m willing to make that change. Who is with me?!”

          Name: I. Zambrano

          Ethnicity: Hispanic

          Religious background: Agnostic

          Political background: Democrat

Pledge 3

Name: Tati

Ethnicity: African American

Religious background:Religious



Joe McLaughlin - Screenshot_2016-08-24-09-46-57-1
Pledge 4

“United we stand divided we fall”

Name: Joe McLaughlin

Ethnicity: African American

Religious background: Religious

Political background: Democrat


Sebastian  Zambrano - image-2
Pledge 5

 “Change starts when we as humans acknowledge that everything is wrong when considering the way we live our day to day lives. We have to re-evaluate our lifestyles and be more open minded to solutions.”

Name: Sebastian Zambrano

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Religious background: Non-religious: Agnostic

Political background: Independent


Ashley Pimentel - image
Pledge 6

“Don’t be intimidated by change. SPEAK UP, FIGHT YOUR BATTLES, SET YOURSELF FREE!! I pledge to work as ONE and make POSITIVE solutions POSSIBLE!!”

Name: Ashley Pimentel

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Religious background: Non-religious: Agnostic

Political background: Independent


Perry Gruber - Perry Gruber
Pledge 7

“A wonderful site. Lovely to see all the brown people here. I support the work you’re doing. Keep it up!”

Name: Perry Gruber




Pledge 8

“We are different in race and religion, but until we recognize the social constraints and angst placed upon us due to negative views held we can’t move forward. Our differences make us the same and stronger. My strength is your weakness and my weakness is your strength. Pledge to be my strength and I pledge to be yours.”

Name: Martin V.

 Ethnicity: African American

 Religious background: Religious

 Political background: Independent

Pledge 9

“We are one people, we share one planet, let us unite in our common-unity, we are the ones we are waiting for…Let the good of the whole begin with the individual…Let that individual be you…Be me…Be each and every one of us…Let us claim our divinity and freedom, let us love our diversity and difference, we are the rainbow bridge…”

Name: Maddy Wilcox

Pledge 10

“Change starts with yourself, you have the power to change the world but it will take help from others. With the right frame of mind and a strong belief everything is possible. So lets change the world and our community.”


Name: Geo Bent

Ethnicity: African American

Religious background: Religious

Political background: Democrat

Christina Pang - 1376453_1380373028866139_1321073633_n (1)
Pledge 11

“It is important that everyone starts contributing to the betterment of our future. Even a small change can have a huge impact on our society/environment.”

Name: Christina P.

Ethnicity: Asian

Religious background: Non-religious: Atheist

Political background: Independent

Pledge 12

“Change starts with us. No matter what background we come from, when we unite we come together as a whole. So let’s forget about our differences and fight for freedom.”

Name: Jaiquan Browne

Ethnicity: African American

Religious background: Non-religious

Political background: Democrat


Mike Lucido - image
Pledge 13

 “Politics and religion aside, without unconditional love and compassion for another living being we will never grow to our full potential.”

Name: Mike Lucido

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Religious: Non-religious: Agnostic

Political background: Independent


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