Prepare to sow

Buckminster Fuller once said, “I’m not trying to counsel any of you to do anything really special except dare to think. And to dare to go with the truth. And to dare to really love completely.” I’ll take it a step further and dare you to become unselfish. In world where survival of the fittest is our mission statement, we need to evolve from our selfishness into a more cooperative environment. Selfishness will ultimately be the destruction to our society. The objective in this paper is not to satisfy the reader, it is to make you the reader want more. It is to plant a seed of possibility. One’s sense of possibility of change is directly related to their knowledge. Several years ago I didn’t have the knowledge of what is mentioned in this paper and now that I do, I feel compelled to present it to others because of the time at hand.

I will go on a necessary tangent on democracy and our political system. Today in America, we are yet at another choice between the lesser of two evils. Our moral compass has been hijacked by a dual system that suppresses our democratic rights. Democracy is not what we don’t want, it is what we want to see come to fruition. Silence and fear doesn’t move us forward, the choice for the greater good catapults us to real reform. If we can’t vote with our conscience and convictions, then we are intimidated into making uncomfortable decisions. The Bernie revolution gave many like myself that brief hope and comfort with politics, but where do we go now after being left with two of the most disliked presidential candidates in election history?

I legitimately understand people’s sense of fear in the 2016 elections, so I tacitly express my opinion. It takes selective memory to be frightened of republicans and comfortable of democrats. Through the years of fear mongering by Democrats and Republicans we have received exactly what was feared about from them both, not to say there is no difference between the two parties. Although, there are really no significant differences when we take into account the power hold the establishment has on the two parties. “The lesser evil paves the way for the greater evil.” At the end of the day both parties are pushing corporate interests. Whether it’s the Trans Pacific Partnership, guaranteed profits for health insurance companies through the Affordable Care Act, bailing out Wall Street, governmental subsides for the fossil fuel industry, casting a blind eye on corporate tax evasions, appeasing the National Rifle Association and plenty other corporate interests. Unfortunately you can’t have a revolutionary campaign in a counter revolutionary party. The only way we can expect change in the political realm is through third parties like the Green Party and opposition political parties. May I add that change isn’t constrained to just politics. We fervently need to push for opposition voices and opposition political parties. One way to secure this is through Rank Choice Voting (RCV or Instant Runoff Voting) where voters can rank as many candidates as they want in order of choice. RCV helps elect a candidate that better reflects your views and the support of a majority of voters.46 This is a platform position 2016 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein introduced while she ran for governor of Massachusetts. Its time we push for these ideas by voting for the greater good like our lives depended on it, because the current trends prove it does.

I started this paper with rhetorical questions and I will end it as so. Why should you support social reform? Why did anyone support the civil rights movement? Why does anyone support equality today? Why did anyone support the rights for woman to vote? Because you want to make our world a better place, that’s why. Now ask yourselves how is success measured in society? Some view success in a dollar value, I am certain most countries measure their success in GDP (gross domestic product) revenue. The point I am trying to make is we have to associate true success with the contribution one makes to society.

With all the questions imposed, with the many problems exposed, with the many solutions introduced what should we do now? The two initial most important things we can do are to first undergo a value shift. Afterwards we must educate ourselves. Information and communication is key. We must maintain a social network presence. Inform everyone one of the possibilities of a better tomorrow. Support and volunteer for organizations that promote solutions. It is important that we push for and conduct experiments, trials, lectures and media events for awareness. There are many ways to get involved. It’s important that you begin somewhere, wherever you feel comfortable. Woody Allen is often credited for stating, “80% percent of success is showing up.” Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Allen could not be anymore right. Half of the importance of life is showing up; whether it’s physically, verbally, or mentally show up! It is essential that we know why we are angry and efficiently know how to face the problem. We must unite, we must integrate and we must organize. Now is not the time for division; rich from poor, law enforcement form civilian, majority from minority, republican from democrat, religious from non-religious and every other form of social, economic and political disunity. Rather, its time for us to unite and like the great scene in the 1976 classic film “The Network” we shall collectively express our frustrations by yelling, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take this anymore!”

We have been through too many injustices to choose between injustices. It is beyond unfair to ask the environmentalist to focus on police brutality. It is beyond unfair to ask civil rights activists to focus on medical concerns. It’s beyond unfair to ask someone focusing on drug reform to focus on immigration reform. It’s unfair to ask someone fighting sex trafficking to focus on ending perpetual war. We can’t expect someone battling prison reform to focus on free and fair elections. Fighting slave wages is as important as fighting for conflict free materials. All these injustices are crucial to focus on and I believe they all equally need attention. The fact is that there is power in numbers. So what I propose is for us to focus on social reform/social revision. It’s time for us to demand real change. Lets fight the tranquilizing drug of gradualism through demanding real change now! Like Jacque Fresco said, “instead of working on patchwork let’s tackle the whole system.” We all contributed to this system that we have, together we can play a vital role in creating a system that is so much better. The choice is ours to make. If you think we can’t change the world, it just means you’re not one of those that will help change it. As I conclude this paper on social reform I implore you, the reader to find some time to ponder on what was mentioned and to help you do so I included a second part to this paper for you to engage with. You will find highly recommended films, books, and alternative news choices. You will also find citations at the very end of the second addition to this paper. Continue planting the seed of possibility and eventually we will harvest the product of social reform.



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